Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tandem Bike Art

This is the continuation of an epic project. Not because its overwhelming or costly, but the direction I am taking this room is evolving as we go. I'm going slow and enjoying the process. You can see how the playroom started in my home tour. Big. Green. Empty. Sometimes an empty room is more overwhelming than a room that already hints the function its intended to be.

I've already shared one of our projects for extra seating in the playroom. Now for something a little less functional and little more...pretty. I started with a sheet of plywood that I had cut down by the kind folks at Lowes.

Framed it out with some scrap moulding. (But did not attach to the wood until after I painted the art)

Paint the plywood "canvas" white and moulding any pop of color that your room is craving.

I happened to be able to sweet talk our church into letting me borrow their overhead projector. We've kept one around Orchardville Church for art projects. This isn't a necessary tool as you can draw or trace directly onto your wood canvas. 

I painted the color directly in-between my traced lines. I had originally thought I would outline the bike in black after painting my color first but loved how it looked without.

These two simple words sum up the whole heart behind this project: better together. The font I used is called sweetly broken.

I taped the moulding to the front of the canvas so it would stay put when I layed it face down on the floor. Then nailed finishing nails into the back of the plywood to hold the moulding in place.

I screwed the plywood directly into the wall since this was so big. It would be such a shame to smoosh a child beneath art. Then I painted the screws white so they are hidden in the canvas. This entire project came in under $20 since the moulding and paint were from my stash. 

One step closer to done in the playroom! I'll secretly be a little bummed when this epic project ends since I'm enjoying each mini project that pulls this room together. It may seem like I know what I'm doing but trust me...I don't. The only difference between me and the girl next door that is decorating her house is that I happen to be sharing my process with the world. Faaaaantastic.

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