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Welcome to See Girls Blog. A place to come see for yourself: our homes, projects, discoveries, and inspiration. Everything. Including our beautiful mess. 

I am one half of the Girls, Tanya. Nurse by day, blogger and Mom by every other minute. We stay pretty busy around here between life and the whatnots but this blog is a way for you to See Girls share some creative encouragement and thoughts on house and home. 

After a few short years of marriage I have managed to live in all sorts of places and spaces. A parsonage, crashing with family, and a couple owned homes. Three states and two children later, I’ve learned to enjoy our home and make it ours, whether or not the trends and styles are the latest or the colors are “in”. 

Part of this blog is my personal journey. We just recently moved into our new home in January of 2013 and are busting at the seams with ideas for each room. So this blog is a fresh start, and a way to document each project as we go.

Instead of waiting until we live in our “dream home” why not BE here and enjoy the now. Even if it isn’t perfect, its ours. And that makes it pretty perfect to me.

We promise to be real here at See Girls Blog. After all, we do live here. Don’t hate me because the dog fur doesn’t show up in the photos. I promise you, its there. 

With a small herd of children to keep up with between the two of us, sometimes a blog post is hard to come by. But thats the beauty of a pair of bloggers. You get double the perspective for half the mouse clicks.

As we grow and develop into whatever this beautiful mess will become, we want to hear from you, our readers. Like us, pin us, share us with friends. Comment and email, ask questions or share tips. After all, what is a community if only one side is doing all the talking?  

We will share our finds, tips, and failures. We will give credit where its due, and promise posts with lots of eye candy. (And if you’re still reading by this point, props to deserve some real candy). The majority of the photos come from our own homes. 

Paint what you don’t like, toss in texture, and chalkboard in almost every room. If you love it and don’t know where you want to put it, get it anyway. Found it for a great price? Get two and share.

If its not being used, sell it or donate. Put everything into a bin or basket and people will thing you’re house is immaculate. Its not, I swear, we just hide our junk in pretty little things.

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