Saturday, August 31, 2013

Beanbag Floor Pouf

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed recently there is a room in my house that keeps showing up that isn’t in my house tour...or is it? Formerly a blank slate known as the sunroom: the playroom. 

Its a work in progress that I can’t wait to complete and reveal to you! But in the meantime, I’ll be sharing each project as I finish it. We may not be there yet, but progress has definitely been made.

New ceiling light fixture
New wall light fixtures
Shelf for globes
Art area (for Anna)
Sport area (for Graham)
Bean bag poufs
Toss pillows 
Window seats
Toy storage
New table base
TV/Entertainment area
New flooring
Area rug under table

Today I’m going to share one of the two sewing projects for the playroom. I’m pretty inept when it comes to sewing. Luckily my Mother is a sewing ninja. Like alterations, home decor, clothing, quilts and a few wedding gowns. ninja. I told her what I was looking for, we looked around on the internet, and she whipped a few of them out when we were recently home (in Boston) for vacation. 
Here’s an inept seamstress’ blog post of a sewing ninja’s project:

We were wanting seating for the playroom that could grow with our kids. I’ve seen a few amazing floor pouf tutorials around the blogosphere. (One of my favorites was at Living With Punks). This is our adaptation of her original post. If you want the complete step-by-step, check her out. A few of our changes were:
A longer handle that spanned seam to seam vertically (as opposed to Living With Punk’s horizontal handle). Hopefully this puts less stress on the fabric as its toted around the house.

A zipper (which allowed us to take 4 “deflated” poufs home to Illinois and later be filled) Don’t see the zipper? Oh thats cause its hiding behind the handle. See?? Total ninja. 

A taller seat for our growing kids. Our poufs were 17” tall...but read on...

Bean bag “beans” as opposed to poly-fill. We were able to buy this at WalMart. For $12/bag. It took me 2 1/4 bags. Seriously...had to run and get a third bag. Dagnabit. Lesson learned: we would’ve made the poufs a little shorter had we known we would’ve had to buy a third bag. But having the bean bag beans inside makes the poufs sturdier and suitable for people that are over 3 feet tall and may or may not have more junk in their trunk.

Using outdoor fabric. Obvious reasons. Just as easy to sew with but a lot more durable.

Kids love it. I love it. Happy Happy Happy. The fabric makes me deliriously happy. If I were any happier with this project, I’d have to be medicated. So yeah, the table needs taller legs, but we’re getting there. If everything was perfect and I never had to adjust things...what would I blog about?

Spoiler alert...fantastic paint job ahead.


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