Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Front Door Fever


Front Door Fever?

Is there even such a thing?
If so, I’m pretty sure I’ve had it, for months … actually FOUR months.

This picture to me seems like this is just yesterday. Check out the mean mug on my boy. Okay so, looking beyond my chipper children, look at the door. This is the first door of the first home we ever bought. Ha- no teary eyes here, This was quickly changed to Full glass… see all storm door. I love the sunshine without the commitment of being completely open.

Another hard to believe mommy moment- this little girl just finished up the first grade! 2nd grade here we come. You may recognize this picture from my 1st day of school post. Here you will see the front door, the way it’s been the past 4 years.

And here again, remember this. This is prior to the Board & Batten wall we did.       


I’m completely guilty of having a half a thought of doing something and running with it. That was not the case this time. For several months I have thrown around the idea of painting the front door. Driving through town… stalking all of the other doors in our area. And one day I came across a beautiful YELLOW door. I at first glance wanted that one! But at that time I was VERY pregnant and knee deep in all of our nursery projects and knew I needed to wait. I’ve never really forced myself to wait before. 

Finally yesterday was the day. Nate took the door off of the hinges and with iced coffee in hand, I dove in.


Finishing up at 11:16 pm last night. I wanted so bad to reveal the color to you all last night. But sorry folks, this momma was tired and it was off to bed for me. (Keep in mind we are still up every 2 hours with Miss Parker,) But here you go I’m leaving you guessing just a little bit more. Because this is just the start.


Check back soon. We are about to give our front porch a complete makeover!
I’m so excited, this has been a long time coming.  

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