Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oversized Napkin

Oversized napkin… table rapkin (runner-napkin)… Totally feeling uneducated on table linens at this moment. In an attempt to add some new décor to my previously naked kitchen table, I wanted to make a table runner: without it being to long…. Table cloth: without risking it being pulled off by the many little hands in my house… well and honestly making 6 fabric napkins was not ever in the picture because thats just too many of the same thing. Thus being how I came up with this oversized kitchen napkin. So Simple/ No sew.
I used one bowtie & 2 hairbows shy of a yard of fabric and some Heat-n-bond ( this stuff has got to be one of my favorite crafting items, since my sewing machine and I need some therapy on how to better get along.)
That's it, you read it right. A piece of fabric, heat-n-bond, and your iron. This literally only took me 5 minutes to complete.
5 dollars + 5 minutes of no sew goodness = craft happiness
Now go on get your craft on!

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