Saturday, May 31, 2014

Perfect not so perfect: Swing shelves

Came across this image today while catching up on The Nester. Totally how I am feeling. I have previously been overly obsessive about the way other people view me, my home, my . . . well pretty much everything. I can honestly say that my eyes are being opened to the fact that its not about comparison either. Most anyone you welcome into your home you would consider a friend. And friends are friends even when your house is a bit out of place.

Summer is here and the business is starting. Between these 3 beautiful little people and all of the things planned to do and get done and still managing everything at home, It's a guarantee that things around the Taylor house will be far from perfect. But this being said I still like to strive to best serve my family and LOVE being organized.
Ask anyone who's been in my house lately, My desk area has been the biggest mess. Today with a lot of help from the hubs we put a bit of structure to the small corner in the living room that I have claimed as "My Office".

Swing shelves, have you ever thought of such a thing? I found a pin on Pinterest that had awesome shelves similar to these but the link was So not in a language I'm able to read so from the pictures we came up with these.

Here we go just a few supplies:
1- 8ft x 1in x 6in board
2- Eye hooks
5 yards rope (I found this at Hobby Lobby)
& wooden balls (however many you like) I also found these at hobby lobby. These are dowel rod caps, so the hole was only half way through the ball.
Only about $12 total! 

It's pretty self explanatory from here. We cut the wood to the length of the shelves needed, drilled some holes, and then put everything together as seen in the photos. Oh, the level was a good friend in this project too.

Now all of my most often used items are so easily at hand above my blogging spot. I also added a new basket for file folders and an envelope holder for bills next to the big year calendar hanging on the wall.

 Still no perfection but maybe it will make for quicker bow making.

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