Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Love me some : Board & Batten

Love me some Board & Batten

Okay, So we have had a lot of snow lately and a bit of extra time on our hands. While I had the hubs home with me a few days we decided (or I decided) it would be a great time to work on this project.
So here you will find my tutorial on how I made the wall below look like the wall above.

So this was the entry wall before. Yes, we had one little hook on the wall that we would hang all of our coats on. I have been wanting to do this project for awhile now. It just took a foot of snow on the ground and more cold weather gear needing a home to give me the push to do it.

 First- before the snow came.. We went to lowes to buy all of our supplies.


1x6 boards

1x3 boards



Wood filler





For the boards we used the whitewood. It is knottier than the others but we dug through all of the wood they had and found the best looking and straightest boards we could find. That's what you should do every time, Right? For the paint I always use Valspar "Ultra White" for any of the trim work in my house, also on the built in cabinets and brick in our living room. 

Step One: Find a stud to mark your studs for you.( Or you could do it yourself with the handy stud finder. )

We then started by measuring 60" up our wall. Then measuring across for the top 1x6 board. And then nailed it up there with the nail gun. Next boards were the 1x6 down each side, then the middle 1x6 board. So pretty much all of the "frame work" first. We went back through and inset screws where the studs were just to make it more secure.

Then we started measuring, cutting, using the level a lot and nailing up all of the middle  1x3 pieces. I have found a lot of different tutorials on board and batten. The distance between the boards is up to you. I had to take into account the two outlets below.

Then we added 1x3 boards across the top to make the shelf. (This one we used screws.)

Now for the fun part, Just kidding.. I filled all of  the nail/screw holes and any where there was a knot in the wood. I caulked all of the cracks where the wood met the wall. I let it dry, then sanded everything. Wiped it all down with a wet rag and was ready to prime.

 Here we are below with just one coat of primer. I did 3 total coats of primer.

Then 3 coats of white paint.

I put up larger hooks on top and smaller below in between.
That way the kids are able to reach theirs easier.

The larger ones are the ones that I already had.
The smaller ones I found at Walmart for $1.97.

 And here we are! Finished product! Only took 2 days and less than $100.

And now to find a super cute runner rug to put our shoes on
 and to decide how I want to decorate the wall and shelf above.


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