Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Post You Should Stop Reading

No I'm not talking about plastic surgery,  I'm making a public service announcement in regards to your windows. I've also been guilty of light robbery.

First thing you say when you walk into a room while house shopping: "this room is great, it has so much natural light!"

First thing you do after moving into said house: cover up that natural light!

Stop. The. Murder.

5 minutes...thats all I'm asking of you. Stop reading this, go raise and widen those rods!


Your windows will appear bigger. Ceilings: higher.

Way cheaper than plastic surgery. And less scarring too! 

no bueno


Helpful tip on rod shopping: I switched from my 84" rod to a 120". After shopping around I stumbled upon an amazing deal! Lowes rods were around $50, WalMart was about $35. The unsuspecting winner?! Hobby Lobby!!!

Their 120" rod was $16.99. Use a 40% off coupon from your Hobby Lobby app and you get that baby for about $10.


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