Friday, April 25, 2014

Simple Frozen Party

8 years old and this is the first legitimate "friend" party I've thrown her.
I always thought that the big themed parties were expensive, stressful, and unnecessary.
While it still may not be exactly necessary they most deinifiely can be done much cheaper and with no stress!

Now before you send me to Mom jail, know that we always celebrate our kids birthdays. But our normal style has been to have a friend come and do a special activity.
Not invite a dozen friends over and run a muck (amuck? a muck? amoch?)

So I'm here to tell you (2 months later) that I survived a friend party. 
With a dozen girls. 
And no mucks were run.

Simple photoshop work and printed photos at CVS at .19/invite to hand out.
Muuuuch cheaper than buying invitations to mail.
(address & phone were covered cause the party's over need to show up at my door!)

Now cake is my arch nemesis. I can't decorate cake to save my life.
But I can't decorate a pretty cake.
We all have crosses to bear.

So a simple blue velvet box mix and white icing. 
The play set of Frozen figurines we gave her just the day before?
I took backsies.
Just for the party.

Bunting flag made from washi tape and pom pom fringe I had in a craft drawer.
Suspended over the cake with wooden skewers.
Thats how I roll.

The menu? snowballs and Olaf noses.
Blue lemonade, and blue rock candy which we passed out as our visitors left (in leu of goodie bags)
Those came from Oriental Trading.

The tables were draped in plastic table cloths from Walmart and a table runner of wrapping paper. 
Silver fringe background was a door fringe that I just cut off the common ribbon and draped across a wire that was already running across the wall (to display art!)

White tissue pom poms are super easy...and mildly therapeutic to make.
One search on Pinterest and you'll find a jillion tutorials. 

A nail polish session and riveting game of "Pin the tooth on Olaf" and the party was half over.

By the time we opened presents and ate cake parents were showing up at the door.

No stress.
No muck running.

A great time was had by all.

Even little brothers.


  1. Great idea! Hostess also makes a snowball snack cake.

  2. We originally went to the store for those! No luck for us (womp womp) so a Sam's club package of donuts it was. Great idea though!