Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Bow Tutorial

Here I am again, with another bow tutorial.
These fabric bowtie bows are kind of my thing right now.
I'm loving them.
Pretty Simple steps here.
1. Cut the strips of fabric for your desired size.
    (If you want a 3 in bow you will want a 6 in strip of fabric.)
2. Iron the edges down (on the long sides.)
3. Fold the ends in to the center and pinch like shown in the above pic.
4. Sew the pinch.
5. Take a small scrap piece and wrap it around the center and your clip or headband, attaching with your hot glue gun.
These are super cute on clips but even more adorable on stretchy headbands. Love it!
Now go on and make you some bows. Or even some bowties for your boys! That will be next for me.

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