Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kitchen Nesting

The closer I get to my due date, the more I begin to 'Nest'. Which I love btw (as long as the energy to complete the project comes too). Less than 7 days to go!
Yesterday I thought I would take on the 27 cabinet kitchen of mine. (The thinking behind this, not really sure, because I know just as much as you that this project isn't #1 on the list of things to do before baby arrives.) But since I did this I thought I would share with you few tips and tricks I took to along the way.
##1 Everything should have a place (Yes we all knew that one). But I also love to find ways that work out with our busy day to day lives. So everything should be placed on purpose.
With this I strategically place things in the kitchen.
- Dishes in the cabinet above the dishwasher.
- Coffee, coffee cups and drink mixes above the coffee machine.
- These awesome new jars in the photo above were my happy mail today, I filled them up with our cereal we use often(sometimes more than one bowl a day ;)) And I placed them just below the cabinet with the bowls.
- I have a cabinet that keeps a bread basket (for the different types of breads, wraps, sandwich thins we use) right next to the bin holding the PB, honey, you get the picture.
##2 Make it easier on yourself. Okay a lot of the above would definitely fit into this one also.
- I went to the dollar store yesterday and picked up different bins that would fit into my cabinets. Everything fits so nicely into each bin. They are labeled on the fronts with the cute new labels found in the dollar bin at Target. And that helps me to be able to keep track of what we have and will make it a lot easier when I check the cabinets before my grocery store run.
- To make lunching easier, I place a lot of the different items in individual baggies, ready to grab and go. This makes lunch packing a whole lot easier in the mornings.
Okay, I promise it seemed like a whole lot more when my 9 1/2 month pregnant self was in the middle of this crazy mess in the kitchen. But those are the tips I have for you today. Hope this helps somebody out there.


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