Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ruffle Skirt

Warning: This is a blog post about sewing from someone who does not speak the seamstress language.
So Please excuse the lack there of. Enjoy ;)
So here goes nothing. Planning for my nursery and searching pinterest, I found a pin on a ruffle crib skirt by EmmmyLizzzy. I love the look of her crib ruffles. So I got with my Great Aunt to make one of my own. And with a combination of the pin found, my Aunts many years of sewing, and a few new tricks here is what we have.
Starting with just an old white fitted twin sheet, We measured out the "deck" and also lined out where each ruffle would be sewn.
Then measuring out each strip (a bit over 6" so that our edges would all be finished). Here's where the math comes in(and math is not really my friend with my preggo brain.) The fabric I selected was 44" wide, I bought 1.25 yard of each fabric. So I was able to have 7-6.5" strips of each fabric. 2 for the sides totally 88" each and 3 for the front for 132".  I admit my aunt is way better than I am so she did the sewing for me. Happy am I! First Sew the strips together, then finish your sides.
Then as shown in the second picture above, we took floss,
Yep DENTAL FLOSS, and zigzag over the floss trying to not sew the floss onto the fabric.
Then you pin your fabric onto the deck. I pinned each end in place and also found the center of the fabric and pinned it onto the center of my line. Next you begin to pull your floss out, creating the ruffle. Pin the ruffle in place along the line. Next you sew the ruffle in place. Removing floss and pins.
Repeat x's 9! We trimmed and finished hems on the deck also.
All together beautiful, LOVE it (and seriously loving on my Aunt for all of her skill and hard work).
Now I'm here, still patiently waiting Parkers arrival.

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