Monday, March 24, 2014

Fabric Tassel Garland

If you love a quick project, I have one for you. I made this simple garland out of fabric scraps left over from things that I have made for the nursery, a $1 spool of bakers twine, left over ribbon, and a few push pins.

Just a few easy steps for you. But first gather up all of the fun things you plan to use.

#1 Decide the length of strips then start cutting. (Here I went ahead and placed them on top of each other and cut my strips together. I also found it easiest to have a striped fabric on top, made it super easy to cut a straight line. And I'm all for super easy!)
#2 I made sure some fabrics were right side up and some upside down then twist in the middle and fold in half.
#3 Wrap it up and tie, this should leave you with a loop.
#4 Then run your ribbon through the loop.


Fun and Super Duper easy!


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