Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY Ottoman

This project has been a long time coming. I have had everything just sitting in the house waiting, just waiting to start on this.
 And finally here it is.
This Old table was another treasure found. Actually falling apart, needing lots of love.
And I was in need of an ottoman, we made the perfect pair.
We used a hammer to take off the top, the boards were uneven and coming off anyway. Then we chopped off those long (beautiful) legs.
Ready for a bit of wood filling, sanding, and wiping down.
And a fresh coat (or 3) of paint.
While in the middle of painting and drying- I started in on the ottoman top. Here you will see my layers, fabric of choice( yes lobsters it is), batting, and foam. I measured out how far apart I wanted my buttons to sit and I marked it onto each layer. We used 1/4in thick finished plywood. I drilled holes small enough for my needle to fit through where I marked for the buttons. Then I sewed them without knotting through the fabric and batting. My needle was not long enough to get through the thick foam so I used a crochet needle to do this. And then finally my needle to thread it through the wood, taping it down until I was ready to pull taut.
 With the ottoman top down I began to pull tight and staple down my fabric and batting. Then pulling as taut as I could I stapled down the button thread. The foam was so thick I was unable to pull it in too much. Once I had It all where I wanted it, I was ready to attach my ottoman top to the table base.
We went to the local hardware store for some L brackets and screws 2 for each short side and 3 for the long.
And here you have it. I finally have my ottoman.
 And isn't that the cutest ninja turtle.


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