Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Baby on the way. . .

A few months ago we were very happy to make this announcement!

Yay another bitty baby to snuggle. You can tell by the expressions on their faces how happy they are too.

Now the fun part begins. The NURSERY ;) Oh pinterest how you will come in handy this time around. And so we start-
Luckily our home has a fourth bedroom tucked away. In my home tour it was secretly hidden due to housing my . . .  okay it was a junk room. I had everything in here, all of my crafting supplies/ fabrics, our "good will" box that we fill as we go, and my hoarders stash of picture frames (yes I am admitting that I have a picture frame problem, the first step is admitting it, Right?!) Okay so junk room NO MORE. :)  Im so happy to be able to say that, and Im pretty sure that my husband is equally as happy. Im laughing as I type this because my now organized mess of craftiness and frames has since invaded our front room.

This room was once Caiden's nursery way back when we first moved into our home. Wow! Hard to believe that we have been in our house that long.
(Our house is a constant-neverending-fun project.)

So now that Im about to jump into week 31 I'll be working overtime on my list of things to get finished before this sweet thing decides to make her appearance- Yep HER! Another girl.

My Son says "Mom when my baby sister gets here I'm going to be 'Girl trapped' A big sister, a baby sister, EVEN our dog is a girl."

Im giving you all a bit of a sneak peek on whats to come in a very near blog post. One thing I can say is I'm very thankful for Tanya and her willingness to dive into fun projects like this one, after all every right handed person needs a left handed friend.   

Check back for more progress :)
                                                                                          .: Liz :.

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