Sunday, February 2, 2014

3 Step Glitter Art

We aren't trying to claim we invented air...but we did simplify it.
Ok...not air, but glitter art!

One peruse around Pinterest and I'm sure you've seen the DIY glitter home state art. Love it, but not the multi-step process or the shaking of the glitter. Hello...

So we happen to stumble across self-adhesive glitter paper while wandering aimlessly around JoAnn fabrics. And the lazy girls 3 step glitter art was born! I won't bore you with details of simple steps (trace cut place!) but we'll leave you with a quick photo tutorial and let you brainiacs put the pieces together.

One great thing about this project though is that it can be placed on anything (Anything!? Yes, anything!) Tanya used wrapping paper, Liz used scrapbook paper. If anyone happens to place it somewhere better, like a toilet or ham and cheese sandwich, please send us a pic!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the scrapbook paper pad. All that chevron and floral in one pack!! Super cute glitter projects too!