Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pom Pom Garland Tutorial

Quick little craft to add some fun and color to whatever stands still long enough for you to attack! Today’s victim is the tv stand our playroom. 

I started with two skeins of thick yarn. You could use a thinner yarn but the number of times you wrap the yarn may have to be increased.

I used Mandy’s tutorial for her pom pom blanket at Vintage Revivals as a guide. Head over to check her out, and make sure to tell her we sent you. She is hilarious!

You’ll need an embroidery hoop, yarn, and scissors. Thats all folks! Wrap your yarn around your hoop 25  times. 

Tie in the middle of your wrapping and start again, 25 more times. 
And again…Tie, wrap, and viola! I wrapped mine a total of 75 times. 

You could do more or less, depending on your desired fluffness. Yeah…thats a thing, desired fluffness. Google it. When desired fluffiness is achieved, snip the ends and set your  little monster free!

Word of warning about when you tie your wrapping in the middle (we’re doing this to help prevent stray strands of yarn from escaping): when you tie them in the middle, be careful how tight you tie your knot. Too much tension will snap your hoop.) 

So don’t use Great Granny Boo Boo’s embroidery hoop. It may die, and the blood will be on your adorable hands.

He’s cute no? Now take your little feller and give him a good hair cut! Just keep turning and cutting him so he’s nice and round, and full of…you guessed it…fluffness.

Feel around for the center of your pom pom. Poke a crochet hook (or you can thread a needle and string)  through to catch your yarn. Pull through just enough that you can catch and pull the yarn through.

String your remaining pom poms and find and unsuspecting victim crying for decoration!

You can leave it as is or go hog wild with leftover yarn. Add braids, finger crochet, or different size pom poms. Whatever makes your skirt fly up.


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