Sunday, August 18, 2013

Packing made easy: Lunch edition

Here we are T minus 24 hours until the first school bell rings.
One thing that comes with starting school: daily lunch. 
Having all of the necessary items all located in one centralized location was definitely on the to do list for before school starts.
And I finally finished putting together a lunch cabinet or lunch pantry...
I'm not sure on what I will call my newest project.
This cabinet I found while shopping my house, it was just hanging out in our sunroom with just a few outdoor items in it. I cleaned it up, painted the outside of the cabinet grey and the inside "swim". I picked up these baskets at garden ridge. The labels are just the chalkboard sticky labels found at hobby lobby and then placed on the inside of a cereal box then hot glued onto the basket.

This cabinet is right next to the fridge that has all of our other lunchy items that have to stay cold. Most of the time I just buy individual baggies (100/$1) and make up perfect portions of chips, pretzels, teddy grahams, grapes, celery, . . . and that way everything is a pretty easy grab and go and also there hopefully won't be as much wasted.

This will cut down on time spent searching cabinets every night or early morning.
Do you have any lunch packing tips? We would love to hear them. 

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