Friday, August 16, 2013

Junk Cabinet, Junk Drawer - No More

Organization day #2. This year I have a first grader.
And after meeting the teacher at the open house this week that means more homework.
We are always searching the house for pencils- sharpened pencils.... okay pencil
sharpener. I tried thinking of all of the commonly used items that we can't seem to put our fingers on just when we need them. My "junk drawer" is right next to the area where we have designated as our "homework spot" and so instead of this drawer collecting everything that I didn't want on the counter top, I decided to make better use of it. I already had the white baskets but the plastic white drawer organizers I found yesterday in the dollar section at Target.

I not only had a junk drawer but also a junk cabinet. Anything that didn't really have a place or paper work and junk mail I didn't feel like going through went straight into this cabinet right here... on any shelf anywhere I could find room. Now I have a place for everything and everything in its place haha not quite. But for now I feel much more organized. I found the bins on the top shelf at the Dollar Tree and then added Chalkboard labels that I found at Hobby Lobby. These are my handy bins. Having cards easily accessible will make it a whole lot easier to send a note or card. And The Cord bin houses all of the cords... chargers, usb, some of them I am not even sure what they are but my husband knows where to go when he's looking for them. Each kid has there own file slot to keep school info papers like upcoming events, etc. The right side of the files are for address book, phone book. my to do pile, and then my budget binder. The bottom shelf is my favorite. I found these great baskets on clearance at Garden ridge. These are to store items like headphones, our keys, name badges for work.

Sorry about not having any junky before pictures, I was so ready to jump right in and get busy that I forgot to snap photos. But here's to a more organized year.
Next up- working on a lunch cabinet. Check back :)

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