Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Tale Of Two Seats

Here is the tale of two reupholstery projects. A total DIY and a semi-DIY. Hard to tell the difference, but one of us has bloody hands, and the other...not so much. 
However, one project cost a fraction other....

I rescued a cute little gold chair from the corner of a dark dank consignment store for $25. Two years later I turned it loose in a yard sale. The chair never sold (probably because I refused to negotiate with shoppers. I was denying that I was actually in love with my ugly chair!)

A family owned reupholstery business did the hard part when it came time to reupholster. I've tried my hand at reupholstering. I'm too OCD to ever be pleased with my results.

I did want to give refinish the wooden legs and side of the chair though. So after the Hoyelton Upholstery shop stripped the chair's fabric, I went back for my it got down to work with spray on paint stripper.

I've never worked with stripper before, but this stuff was fantastic. I sprayed the orange foam on, went and ran some errands, by the time I got home (the can says more than 30 mins, no more than 24 hrs) it was ready for a good scrub down. The dark stain and poly just melted right off!

A few passes with some fine sandpaper and a few swipes of glaze, it was good to go. 3 weeks later, my pals at Hoyelton Upholstery called and said my baby was ready. 

Isn't she pretty?! She has a great personality and loves long walks on the beach. She even enjoys getting dressed up for special occasions.

Le sigh...I love. Even if it was only a semi-DIY project.

And just for the record...if I were a man, I'd be all about legs.


Best find of a yard sale day right here! First buy of the morning $15, actually if I'm remembering correctly it was the only buy of the day.

I gave it a home in our living room. It quickly became the favorite sit down for both kids and the dog ( nope not all at the same time). After weeks of looking at it from across the room and contemplating spend the money or spend the time I decided I'd take a try at it. I like the challenge.

Here I started legs off and bottom uncovered. I made sure to take lots of pictures to refer back to.

Here I started legs off and bottom uncovered. I made sure to take lots of pictures to refer back to.

I stripped it down, carefully. Making sure that each piece I would be able to trace onto the new fabric.

So I traced. . .

No perfect. . exact lines, just Eh- looks close.

So the pulling and stapling began. And I would bet I put just as many staples in as what was in it before.

I reused most of the insides. . and what I couldn't reuse, I improvised. Above you will see a cut up cereal box. Hey- It worked. Don't judge. 

And this right here amazed me.

I had never made my own buttons before. Found this crafty little thing at walmart.

And then it Snaps!

Pretty button- there you have it.

Pretty tight I tell ya.

 Finished product. I love the finished product. Is it worth it to pay someone to do it : Absolutely. Would I do it again- Probably so.


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