Friday, June 27, 2014

Sparkly paper.. cork.. and naptime


What do I do when my new baby finally starts taking  hour long naps rather than her 30 minute power naps? I run through the house trying to find whatever I can to throw together to make something pretty to look at. Yes, I probably should be sweeping or mopping or folding laundry… But I grabbed a can of spray paint, a frame that’s been in hiding (behind my couch), a roll of wrapping paper, cork, sparkle & scrap paper and my glue gun.

Thank you to the Amber teething necklace that arrived this morning… I believe that had a part in the super great naps. After I finished the Frame & art guess what…… Naptime AGAIN. So I followed Tanya’s craftiness on her  POM POM tutorial and made the super cute garland to throw on top.

Who doesn’t love something new. . . for free. . . that makes you smile!

As for the laundry & the floors, theres always tomorrow.


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