Tuesday, December 17, 2013

For all of you bow lovers out there

I am one pretty excited Aunt lately. My sister is due any day now with a sweet baby girl!
I wanted to share with you her Christmas gift ( although she may not be here until after Christmas. )
Every girl needs a bow or two.

I grabbed a few different ribbons and fabrics to start with.
Turning this...

Into this!

 For one of the first bow, I cut a strip of fabric. Then thread it through the middle, tightening it up until it looked like .....
.. this.

 For the ribbons I just looped them evenly and then tied thread around the center.
After you tie it you can straighten it out.

 For a third one I cut fabric circles. You can do this with any size circles.

 Fold them in half, and then half again ;).

Thread them up. I alternate the direction.

Then make your ends meet and knot it together.

 Circles of fabric again for this one.
I fold them in half and half again stacking 3 on top of each other, then sewing them together.
 Here you could also just hot glue them.

For the Last part of the gift I thought she needed a place to hang all of her pretties.

Take an old wooden window, some wire and a staple gun.

Here it is. A start to her collection.
And a start for any of you who wanted to make some precious bows.
If you have any questions comment below.

 Now to just wait for her to arrive and meet the sweet child she will be.

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  1. Did you attach these to alligator clips? These are just adorable!
    Awesome ideas.