Friday, August 9, 2013

Shedding Some Light ... In The Kitchen

Where's the sunshine? Our kitchen is stuck in the middle of our house.
 It has only one over the sink window looking into our sunroom,
so there's not even an outdoor view.
I was so excited to start this project and now I'm just as excited to share it with you.
Here it is- Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformation in "Espresso".
That along with some primer and a new can of paint created a brighter future.
Whoot whoot!!
And here it is I also added the jewelry of cabinetry- Shiny Hardware!

As soon as the room was painted different, It really felt so much bigger in here.
The Cabinet transformation seemed like my kitchen was in pieces forever but that is partly because there were 25 cabinets and 7 drawers and only 1 me. It was totally worth it.
And there you have it. A lighter brighter kitchen makeover for under $250.

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