Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Liz's Home Tour

Hey there! I'm Liz - full time wife and mommy to an incredible husband and 2 amazing kids...Part time RT at our local hospital. . . and lover of blogs and DIY and you know all of the fun things that come with decorating our home.
Come on in and check it out! (Virtually I mean ;))

This has to be one of my favorite places in the house..
I'm enjoying making our house our home ...always changing things
 to better fit our lives and trying to add in a little bit of fun in there too.
These next two rooms are rooms that are very busy and loved rooms.

One thing that I'm finally learning is how to love what I have. I want to live life enjoying everything that I do. No my house isn't always clean and yes I usually have clothes left in the dryer ( I may over use my "wrinkle release" button). The two little people that are growing up here won't always be little. So the mess can stay and we will play, it makes it a beautiful mess anyway.
 Here is a small 1/2 bath for a small little girl. She was so excited when we made over this room. Try picturing yellowing tile going most of the way up the wall and some very 70's wallpaper along with a massive home made vanity.
I love to arrange and rearrange things quite often.
 I remember even doing that in my bedroom as a kid. 
Below is our front sitting area. I love that this room is like a blank canvas.
I have lots of ideas floating around about what to do in here.

There will still be plenty for you to see. Lots of work being done in our family room right now.
 A post on that soon to come. I'm pretty excited, I can't wait for you to see it.
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